Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Family Camping Adventures

As you probably know, kids are always ready for adventure. These days much of the adventure happens on a TV or computer screen, so they may not be as enthusiastic as you would want them to be when you invite them on a family camping trip. Once they go, however, they will totally change their minds.

Showing excitement yourself about the trip will go a long way in getting the kids excited. Show them pictures of the campground so that they can start forming an idea in their mind of the place they will be visiting. Let them help with the planning and be sure to allow younger kids to bring a favorite toy so they will not feel alone.

Remember that your need for a shelter will be very different from when you were still single and hiking solo. That was when you could get away with just taking a portable hammock or one man tent. Younger kids will feel more comfortable when they can sleep with their parents in the same tent, so make sure that the tent is big enough for everyone to be comfortable. A family of four may find the space that a four man tent offers, a little tight and may prefer to use a six person tent or an even bigger tent to be able to store clothes and other essentials inside the tent.

Having a camping checklist is essential. A great list can be found at Love the Outdoors, You can use it as an example and customize it to fit your family's needs.

Arriving at your campsite while it is still light, will help your kids to become familiar with their surroundings and will be less scary for them than a nighttime arrival. Every kid should have their own bag so that they will know where to find their stuff and they will learn to be responsible to return their belongings to their bag.

Every campsite has rules and it is important that you familiarize your kids with these rules as soon as possible after arrival. You do not want your kid to start breaking branches off trees thinking they are helping to gather firewood, just to find out that they are doing something that is forbidden. Kids need to learn never to feed wild animals and why that is important. Also check ahead of time if the park you will be camping at allows campfires. It can be very disappointing, even for adults, to find out that they will not be able to make their beloved s'mores.

You do not have to pack a lot of toys since there will be plenty of distractions to keep the kids busy. Younger kids can be entertained watching squirrels or chipmunks, gathering leaves or forming words by arranging small sticks. Mom and Dad can also point out bugs or other wildlife and your kids will be learning without even knowing it. At night you can teach them about the stars and if you don't know much about the stars, bring a book and you can learn together.

Older kids may want to have their own tent and you can use a one man tent for them or they may even want to try sleeping in a bivy sack or portable hammock. Older kids may like camping more if they can bring a friend and you can get them a 2 person backpacking tent to see if they would like that.

Older kids can also help with pitching tents. Even bigger tents these days are made in a way that makes setting up camp easy.

Now all you need to do is make sure you relax and have a wonderful time with you family in the outdoors!

Tips on How to Buy Tents and Camper Trailers

There are many people around the world who enjoy camping and if you are one of them, have you thought of investing in some good camping equipment to make the whole experience comfortable and enjoyable. Camping equipment comprises of plenty of tools and components and among all, having a good tent is of utmost importance. You can buy some good quality tent from reputed online stores that are currently offering exclusive campers for sale. Apart from tents you can buy a whole lot of other paraphernalia that will be quite useful when you go camping next time.

What Roof Top Tent Features You Should Select?

Camping involves living in extreme conditions that are most of the time unpredictable. However, you can to a great extent create a safe environment by choosing to buy some good quality tents. While buying a tent, make sure that the tent material is waterproof, breathable and mould resistant. There are some good brand products that are made of rip stop cotton canvas and double stitched for added strength. The material is wax coated with mildew treatment. Choose parts that are made of either aluminium or stainless steel. It should have windows with internal and external zip opening and closing covers, so that you can open and close without having to step out of your tent. Make sure it has ample storage in the form of internal pockets, ventilation panels, accessory flap, guy ropes and pegs, window awning, ladders, etc.

Types of Camping Trailers

Camping trailers are available in variety of configurations. You can either invest in a brand new one or buy a used trailer. The different category of camper trailers include popup trailer, travel trailer, trailer coaches, telescoping trailers, fold-down trailers, pickup camper, travel van, motor home and mini motor home. These vans can be customized according to your camping needs. There are some very important factors you should consider while buying a trailer. Consider the size and design as there are plenty of options. Consider your usage because full time traveller needs are different from weekend traveller needs. Online stores offer basic trailers as well as fully equipped ready to move campers. The ready to move trailers are perfect if you do not have enough time to customize a van.

How to Buy a Trailer?

Trailers range from the small tent trailers to larger ones with full kitchens and bathrooms and the prices can go up based on the design, size, accessories, etc. However, if you choose to buy trailers from a campers sale you can save quite a bit of money. Before investing in a trailer, determine if your existing vehicle can tow it. Check if your vehicle has the right hitch if not, would you want to install a suitable one. Determine the living space you need and for how many people. Consider what accessories you want to include. If you want a stand up shower, oven and air conditioning, then you have to select a trailer that can accommodate all these accessories. For wilderness camping, make sure to choose one with large storage space, a large water tank and other important equipments.