Friday, September 14, 2012

Coleman Sleeping Bags

Coleman manufactures high quality Camping products such as tents, coolers, heaters and sleeping bags. Of all these products Sleeping Bags are the most popular among campers of all ages.

There has been a vast improvement in their design and manufacture of products. The modern models are much easier to pack and lighter to carry yet they keep you warm.

It is advisable that you spend some time in choosing a sleeping bag that is most suitable for you.

The main features of Coleman bags are durability, comfort, convenience, versatility and affordability. This makes the Coleman bags stand out from the rest of the competition.

Coleman bags are durable as they are made from materials such as polyester, ripstop polyester, nylon, ripstop nylon, cotton and heavy duty cotton canvas for the outer shell. These can withstand continuous movement.

The bags have Hollofill fibre filling which makes for cosy and comfortable sleep. The Thermlock fitting prevents heat loss and ensures warmth throughout the night.

Coleman bags are designed for easy use. It has a Roll Control that locks the bag into place, a Zipper Glide for smooth zipping and a Wrap N Roll carrier for easy packing.

The bags come in a variety of colours and sizes and are designed for a wide range of temperatures. Mild Temperature varieties are specifically designed for 30 degree and above. Moderate Temperature ones will keep you warm in temperatures between 20-30 degrees. The Extreme Temperature ones are designed for 15 degrees and below.

Coleman makes sleeping bags of different shapes. The "mummy" bag fits tightly around the body. You can zip this bag up and not feel a thing when inside. The bags meant for cold weather are marked with temperature ranges. The numbers will indicate up to what temperatures you will stay warm.

A semi-rectangular bag suits people who are immune to cold. Some people prefer wearing a t-shirt outdoors even though it may be freezing. Some are claustrophobic and are more comfortable with the semi-rectangular shape since this type has more room and the possibility to easily unzip it if one feels too hot or too enclosed.

The rectangular bag is a good choice when you travel with your partner. During cold nights the two bags can be attached together but you still have the option to separate them when you want to sleep separately.

These high quality and feature sleeping bags are available at surprisingly reasonable prices. The typical price for Coleman Bags is between $17.95 to $126.95 depending on its features and they come with a 5 year warranty.